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  • Save to Dropbox and Create Protected Projects on Pro

    Posted on March 31, 2014

    Updated 26/02/2019: This blog post discusses features that were present in Overleaf V1 but are not supported in Overleaf V2. This post is retained for archival purposes.

    Overleaf Pro gives you access to an advanced set of features that make it even easier to create, edit and collaborate on your projects.

    Here we provide a short summary of some key features, and if you've not already upgraded you can start a free trial today.

    Quick save to Dropbox

    In the Overleaf Pro editor you'll see there's an option in the projects menu called 'Save to Dropbox'. This lets you select a specific location within Dropbox to save to. Here we're saving to the default location 'Saves', but you can select any Dropbox folder.

    WriteLaTeX save to dropbox 1

    The version is saved with an identifier (v0001 in this example), and the Dropbox button now displays a green tick to confirm this version was successfully saved.

    If you make changes to your document, simply click the button again whenever you wish to save another version to Dropbox - this lets you sync to your offline files as often as you like, and as each save has an individual version identifier, you don't have to worry about overwriting your previous work.

    Create protected projects

    Protected projects provide greater control and security when you share your documents with collaborators and reviewers, as you retain full control over who can access your work at all times.

    Protected project on dashboard

    For more information on how to use protected projects, please see this separate guide.

    Full history service

    Pro users have access to our full history service. The full history service automatically saves all changes made to your project, without having to stop to label a version.

    More information about the full history service is available in this guide .

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