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  • UNSW provides Overleaf accounts to students and faculty

    Posted by Mary Anne on February 13, 2018

    Overleaf is happy to announce that The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) and Overleaf have partnered to provide all UNSW students, faculty and staff with Overleaf Pro+Teach accounts.

    The UNSW Library is providing the UNSW community with innovative scholarly authorship technology via premium Overleaf accounts and a custom UNSW authoring portal on Overleaf. UNSW students, researchers, faculty, and staff benefit from easy sign-up for their premium accounts, a collaborative authoring platform, easy-to-use writing templates, and LaTeX authoring support.

    UNSW portal on the Overleaf platform

    A few of the features that influenced UNSW Sydney to partner with Overleaf include:

    • easy-to-use templates with custom submission links for publishing researchers and faculty;
    • research & authoring collaboration with multiple co-authors made easier via cloud-based platform that can be accessed by desktop, laptop, and even mobile devices;
    • full-project history view with version control, commenting, and easy revert options;
    • assignment templates that help professors distribute and collect homework assignments.

    Dr. Damien Mannion, of the UNSW School of Psychology, says:

    “I’ve been a user of Overleaf for a few years and am happy that UNSW has invested in the Pro+ version. I am particularly enjoying the ability to collaboratively write documents with students, who are finding Overleaf to be an accessible and intuitive way to learn and use LaTeX. The expanded functionality in the Pro+ version, such as the project history, is very useful for such collaborative writing.”

    John Hammersley, co-founder and CEO of Overleaf says:

    “We’re delighted to be working with UNSW Sydney—Overleaf has seen very strong adoption within student and researcher communities, and through this partnership all the staff and students at UNSW can now make full use of Overleaf in their classes and research projects. Overleaf is committed to making LaTeX easier to use and more accessible to the wider authoring community, and it is exciting to see UNSW proactively supporting this on campus.”

    For questions on this new Overleaf partnership and integration, please contact Mary Anne Baynes, CMO, Overleaf.

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