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  • Overleaf Server Pro 4.1.6 is released

    Posted on November 3, 2023

    We are pleased to announce Overleaf Server Pro 4.1.6! This release includes bug fixes, enhancements and security updates. You can find further information in the official release notes.

    What's new?

    This release includes hardening for streaming behavior. The previous release 4.1.5 includes a bug fix for streaming compression in the history system that could result in hanging flushes. History changes will accumulate in Redis and do not get flushed for permanent storage on disk/S3, leading to potential data-loss when Redis runs out of memory.

    We advise all customers to upgrade to Server Pro 4.1.6 at their earliest convenience.

    The 4.1 series of Server Pro marks the end of life for our legacy source editor. The upcoming 4.2 series will include only our new and improved Code and Visual Editors.

    As a friendly reminder, if you are still using a Server Pro version before 4.1, we recommend starting with the upgrade process immediately. In Server Pro 4.0 we introduced a breaking change in the history system that requires migrating all the history data into the new system in order for Server Pro to function.

    Server Pro before 4.1 is using Node.js 16, which reached End of Life in September 2023. Server Pro 4.1 onwards uses Node.js 18.

    How do I update Server Pro?

    If you’re an existing Overleaf Server Pro customer, learn how to update Overleaf Server Pro 4.1.6.

    Interested in purchasing Server Pro?

    Start with our open-source, on-premises Community Edition solution, which can be freely self-installed. It will allow your organization to test the installation process and setup prior to purchasing Server Pro.

    We’d be happy to provide more information and demos on Overleaf Server Pro, our on-premises solution, please contact us to start the conversation.

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