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  • Overleaf Server Pro 2.0.1 is Now Available!

    Posted by Kate and Pedro on October 24, 2019

    At Overleaf we’re always looking at ways to continually improve our product. Since we joined forces with ShareLaTeX in mid-2017, we’ve worked hard to bring the best elements of Overleaf and ShareLaTeX together.

    With the new combined platform successfully launched and new features being frequently added, we’ve now brought a number of those upgrades to our on-premise solutions - Overleaf Community Edition and Overleaf Server Pro!

    What is the Overleaf Community Edition and Overleaf Server Pro?

    Overleaf has two on-premise solutions - Overleaf Community Edition and Overleaf Server Pro.

    The Overleaf Community Edition is a lite version of our LaTeX editing platform which can be freely self-installed (see https://github.com/overleaf/overleaf for details); and Server Pro is our full, officially supported, paid service. Server Pro is an excellent option for organizations that are looking for the ease and functionality of the Overleaf platform, but require a solution that sits behind a firewall.

    Server Pro comes as a docker container and is a drop in replacement for the Community Edition. This includes features such as LDAP (SSO), improved security so users can not access the host machine, track changes, comments, our optimized version of tex live, rich text mode, templates and our admin panel. Server Pro is charged on an annual per-seat licensing basis - get in touch for a demo and pricing.

    So What’s New in Server Pro 2.0.1?

    We’ve made a lot of minor improvements along the way, but our main highlights are:

    • Improved project dashboard
    • A new interface for creating (or uploading) files in a project
    • Linked Files: import a file from another project
    • Improved History view
    • Rich-text mode now available in the Editor
    • Support for TeX Live 2018
    • A brand new user interface theme

    You can find further information about this release in the Server Pro 2.0.1 Release Notes.

    How Can You Upgrade?

    Not Yet a Server Pro Customer

    If Server Pro sounds like the bee’s-knees - get in touch! We’re happy to provide you with more information, a demo and pricing. You can also read more about our offerings here.

    Existing Server Pro Customer

    If you’re an existing Server Pro customer you can upgrade to the new image for Overleaf Server Pro 2.0.1, at quay.io.

    Instructions for upgrading are available in our Quick Start Guide.

    Community Edition Users

    For those of you self-hosting our Community Edition you can upgrade via Docker.

    Instructions for installing the Community Edition or upgrading your current installation are available in our Quick Start Guide.

    Interested In Knowing More About Our Enterprise Offering?

    Server Pro is just one part of our Overleaf Enterprise offering. Here at Overleaf we have set out to create the perfect tool for a myriad of business uses (like technical documents, RFPs or contract proposals) and we’ve built Overleaf Enterprise to provide businesses with fast, reliable and secure project management that integrates with your existing processes and workflows.

    We offer 3 Overleaf Enterprise solutions:

    • Overleaf Enterprise Group and Commons Accounts: For businesses who want to get up and running quickly and easily, minimizing maintenance with a powerful collaboration tool that works right from your browser, with nothing to install.

      • Overleaf Group Account: A subscription option for organizations to provide the Overleaf cloud platform to groups of users at their organization. This service includes and administration dashboard for each group for managing licenses and seeing usage metrics.

      • Overleaf Commons: A subscription option for organizations to provide the Overleaf cloud platform to all users at their organization. This service provides streamlined, branded enrollment, a customizable resource center, user training and analytics/metrics.

    • Overleaf Server Pro: For businesses who want to harness all of the power of Overleaf while hosting their data inside their own firewall on local servers. Overleaf Server Pro is the on-premise version of Overleaf, which you can deploy and manage in your own secure environment to give you full control.

    If you would like to know more about our Enterprise offerings, you can read more about the key features and benefits of Overleaf Enterprise, and view a features and benefits table for our Cloud and Server options to help you decide which Overleaf Enterprise solution is right for you. Contact our sales team to discuss your options and set up a demo.

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